What some of my current and former students have to say:

“Dr. Regina is an inspiration! I began studying with her in Georgia at Shorter College and eventually transferred to Minnesota to finish my undergraduate degree with her. She is truly passionate about music, and the energy creates an incredible atmosphere for learning! She challenged me as a singer and performer and helped me learn to breathe life into the music–while also transforming my voice. She is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Even a Skype lesson if you can’t make it to her in NY. They are quiet helpful! I only wish I lived in the NY area so I could take from her in person. She is wonderful and I hope to continue studying with her for years to come.”

-Dennis Shuman

“I’ve been studying classical voice for about 10 years. I have voice degrees from the Crane School of Music in Northern NY and Manhattan School of Music. Over 10 years I’ve studied with numerous teachers, some good some not so good. Regina is the best teacher I’ve had thus far. She is a real technician and has an outstanding ear. I’ve been studying with her for 6 months and I’ve grown more and learned more about my voice in these few months than I have with any other teacher. It’s due to the fact that every lesson she is “on” and ready to work. She is consistent and every lesson is an extension from the last lesson. Furthermore, Regina is someone who cares about you as a singer and as a person. She is willing to talk and give advice and creates a comfortable environment to put you at ease.”

-Juliana Curcio

“I have been studying Voice (mostly emphasized on Broadway Singing) with Regina for a few months now and I am loving the lessons! She has really helped me identify the strong parts of my voice and showcase them while also strengthening those that are not as strong. What sets Regina apart from other teachers I’ve had in the past is that she does a really excellent job catering to each student’s individual needs instead of having a set teaching structure that you have to try to fit yourself into. I also especially like that she will take the time to talk through the technique in a way that makes total sense and even if it doesn’t at first, she’ll always find a way to explain it differently until you really grasp the concept. Regina is an amazing teacher and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to push their voice to the next level!”

-Erin Borain

“I have been singing with Dr. Regina Z. since the fall of 2009. In those 5 years we have worked on many different genres of music, ranging from art songs and arias to Broadway showtunes. She was integral in shaping my operatic voice which led to my being hired to sing in the Chorus of the Chicago Lyric Opera in 2010. Having recently moved to New York, I am thrilled to be working with her again in her Yonkers studio where she has a library of music at her fingertips. She is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Opera and Musical Theater and I can’t recommend her abilities higher.”

-Jacob Christopher

“I had the fabulous opportunity to work with Dr. Regina during my four years of Undergraduate study at the University of Minnesota Duluth. While Dr. Regina’s expertise and reputation are largely based in classical music, I found her to be a perfect match for my vocal studies in Musical Theater. Her teachings and training were extremely beneficial to me, not only as a vocalist, but as a performer.

What I love about Dr. Regina is that her lessons are very personal focusing as you the student, you the performer, and you the person. I truly felt that she cared about my overall vocal health and growth as a singer. She challenged me with classical repertoire that kept me on track for my juries and made me feel comfortable with all of my class and show material for my Musical Theater studies.

Dr. Regina is a well-rounded vocalist, teacher, performer, and woman. She feels passionately about her craft and her students. It is important to her that each student comes to the understanding of concepts and techniques. I always left my lessons feeling that I had accomplished something and had the tools I needed to put forth my best possible performance. Dr. Regina is a fabulous teacher, with a worldly knowledge of voice and a fantastic sense of humor! You will look forward to every one of your lessons with her!”

-Johanna Dittus

“I began studying with Regina in 2011 at the University of Minnesota-Duluth where I obtained my Master of Music in voice, and I was thrilled to reconnect with her when I relocated to New York last year. She is a tremendously supportive teacher and mentor, and I always know that she will do all that she can to guide me in the many aspects of pursuing a singing career.

She has a thorough knowledge of repertoire and technique, and having sung in opera productions under her direction, I know that her instincts regarding dramatic interpretation and physical movement are invaluable.
What I admire most about Regina is her ability to effectively communicate with each student on an individual level. If I do not grasp a concept immediately, she will find a different way to approach the idea until it works for me. I always leave our lessons feeling inspired and energized.”

-Meghan Klinkenborg

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